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push to talk pikachu doll



so basically when you have your period and your lower back hurts it is because your hips are contracting and spreading apart, only slightly, to make room for the release of the blood and linings of your uterus. so basically your body is going through a small and mild labor to push out the dead insides of your uterus. so basically I have gone through labor and basically I don’t want children. 

why aren’t we taught this shit

I am really curious about product placement in television and movies and was wondering about TFIOS appearing in Orange is the new Black.


Yes, I paid OITNB to call me a sick fuck.

No, I didn’t. The show’s creator is a fan of the book and a friend of mine and I’ve met a bunch of people in the cast, which I assume is why they did it, but yeah I was delighted. It was not, however, a paid product placement.